Solana Beach man crashes car into utility pole

By Kristina Houck

Two Solana Beach homes lost power in the morning on June 5 after a man crashed his car into a utility pole.

A 64-year-old resident was reportedly driving south on Granados Avenue when he swerved his car to avoid hitting an unidentified animal in the road just before 9 a.m., said San Diego County Sheriff’s Sgt. Joe Tomaiko.

The Solana Beach resident did not sustain any injuries, but he had his 1999 black Kia Sportage towed from the scene. Crews worked on the damaged pole to restore San Diego Gas & Electric, Time Warner Cable and AT&T services, which were down for two nearby houses, Tomaiko said.

“It’s going to be a civil issue between his insurance company and them,” Tomaiko said. “We didn’t get any estimates of any damages.”

Residents have expressed concerns about traffic safety on the curved street before.

Gerri Retman-Opper, whose home is located directly behind the utility pole, said she and her husband have placed boulders around the pole to protect it from traffic.

She recalled one incident where a driver hit a city-owned sign on the street that was once located near the pole. The boulders were moved and tire marks were left behind in the small gravel lot in front of her house. Passing cars have also hit the side-view mirrors of cars parked in the gravel, she added.

“It’s real easy to lose control,” she said. “It really is a dangerous curve.”

Authorities said there haven’t been any accidents near the site in the last year, but they encouraged community members to contact the city or the sheriff’s department directly if they have any concerns.