Solana Beach project to complete Lomas Santa Fe sidewalk

By Claire Harlin

In response to concerns about excessive traffic speeds, circulation and lack of a sidewalk, the City of Solana Beach has made plans for significant improvements along Lomas Santa Fe.

The design, approved Feb. 8 by the Solana Beach City Council, includes redesigning the intersection of El Viento and Granados Avenue to a standard “T” intersection in an effort to increase sight visibility and improve right-of-way.

This redesign will create a large unused area that will be large enough for a small neighborhood park.

The existing sidewalk along the north side of Lomas Santa Fe between Nardo and Granados — currently “substandard” and “pinched against an unstable slope and partially paved,” according to a city staff report — will also be redesigned to include a concrete curb and six-foot-wide sidewalk. This change will create a continuous sidewalk along Lomas Santa Fe west of Interstate 5 and complete the pedestrian circulation from I-5 to the train station.