Solana Beach resident’s new business is more than just a juice bar

Beaming’s juices, soups, smoothies and cocktail mixers are packaged in 16 oz. bottles with inspirational messages on the lid.

By Claire Harlin

Solana Beach resident Lisa Odenweller has always had an entrepreneurial spirit, but she never thought she would end up starting a company that’s both a juice bar and nutritional movement.

In October she will open B bar in the current location of Combo Juice at 2683 Via De La Valle, and she chose that store front because it’s a central location for the many clients she already has in Carmel Valley, Rancho Santa Fe, Del Mar and Solana Beach. You might wonder how Odenweller already has hundreds of clients before her store — the first organic juice bar in San Diego — has even opened, and that’s because she has been leading locals under her company, Beaming, in nutritional cleanses that she created with the help of nationally-acclaimed raw foodist Matthew Kenney. Her next cleanse is coming up on Sept. 10, and she said many clients have enjoyed participating in groups or signing up in an effort to kick off a new diet or nutritional effort.

“Most people seem to be cleansing to lose weight,” Odenweller said. “You do lose weight on the cleanse, but it is more about long-term health, not short-term weight loss.”

Participants of her four-day cleanse program, which she has been holding once a month, pick up all their food each day from nearby participating businesses, such as Poppy boutique in the Del Rayo shopping center. The daily menu includes at least one superfood smoothie made from ingredients such as fresh-sprouted nuts, hand-pressed almond milk, hemp, bluegreen algae, cholorella and other natural ingredients.

“People go nuts for it,” said Odenweller. “It’s usually their favorite meal of the day ... I’ve found that people don’t want to come off of the cleanse.”

Also included are Odenweller’s signature green juices, a raw soup for lunch, supplements for energy and a raw salad or dish such as zucchini spaghetti for dinner. About 1,200 to 1,400 calories are consumed in the entire day, she said.

“Being a mom of three, I wanted to include dinner so parents can sit down with their family and eat at the end of the day,” she said, adding that most cleanses she has researched don’t include food at all.

Odenweller became interested in cleanses a few years ago when she started seeking something for herself to cure her of exhaustion, weight gain and mental fog.

Lisa Odenweller is the founder and owner of Beaming, which has given rise to both a juice bar and cleanse program.

In a time where people are increasingly latching on to cleanses — strict, short-term diets that involve eating very little, if at all — she did too.

“There are at least 20 of them out there on the market,” said Odenweller, who is a spin instructor at Carmel Valley’s Pacific Athletic Club. “There’s not one cleanse I haven’t gotten my hands on to try to understand what they are doing.”

Many of the cleanses, she found, were “miserable.”

“You are basically stopping your metabolism and when you are done you just want pizza and potato chips. You’re like, ‘Get me off of this,’” she said. “On some of them, like the juice diets, there was just so much sugar. I felt like that was irresponsible and there had to be a better way to do it.”

After becoming more educated about nutrition and wellness, she realized that all it takes are simple changes to have a profound effect on how she felt and looked. Feeling herself transformed, she saw an opportunity to share that knowledge with the world through her company, and her cleanses are very different than many others on the market, that consist of only liquids and supplements.

“When I did a juice fast, I cheated. It didn’t seem like it was good for me,” she said.

“It’s really about nourishment and starving yourself just doesn’t seem to work. On our programs you don’t get hungry, and a lot of people don’t even finish the food.”

People lose anywhere from three to 10 pounds on the cleanse, Odenweller said.

Once B bar opens, it will be the pick-up spot for cleanse participants, but it will also offer the fresh-pressed juices, superfood smoothies, snacks and vegetarian take-away foods that are included in the cleanse programs. Customers can also buy supplements and health products, as well as get information about a variety of cleanse programs there.

Odenweller said it’s particularly important that B bar will be the only all-organic juice bar in San Diego. Because often such a large quantity of vegetables are condensed into one serving of juice, if not organic, that means there is an even higher concentration of pesticides consumed.

“I’m not a vegan or vegetarian or raw foodist,” she said.

“I just want to promote good, clean food that will make you feel great.”

Odenweller said the cleanses have a limited number of spaces and often sell out. Right now she is about halfway full for the September cleanse, and groups of three or more get 15 percent off of enrollment.

For more information, or to enroll, visit