Solana Beach residents to get trash bin labels

By Claire Harlin

A simple suggestion from a community member to the City of Solana Beach to label each home’s waste bin with a list of what can and can’t go in the recycle bin has resulted in an involved effort between Mayor Mike Nichols and Waste Management to see that it happens.

Adding to efforts that highlight the city as a pioneer in sustainability and “green” initiatives, the waste services company will within the next two weeks be adding labels to all residents’ waste carts and Nichols has also offered to be a pilot city for compost collection, as Waste Management currently doesn’t have an extensive program in place. Waste Management spokeswoman Lori Somers said the company is looking for viable locations to compost in the area, as well as partners that may present new energy opportunities.

She said the company is doing very minimal composting of “green” waste, including unpainted, unstained wood, but residents must be careful not to contaminate that waste. For example, one may sweep the driveway and discard remnants in compostable trash, however, even one cigarette butt could cause contamination.

At the Solana Beach City Council meeting on March 13, Somers outlined new items that can now be put in recycling bins that previously could not. These items include clean polystyrene (except packing peanuts) and cartons used for food and wine. She also reminded residents that batteries and cell phones can be discarded in a plastic bag and placed on top of the garbage bin for service workers to collect.