Solana Beach School District recognizes 2014 Student Inspiration Award recipients

Once a year, Solana Beach School District staff selects students to receive the District Student Inspiration Award.

Areas for selection include: “Fellowship, Courage, Self or Academic Improvement, Effort, Community Service and Leadership.”

At the regular Board of Education meeting on Thursday, May 22, district staff and the Board of Education will publicly recognize the following students for unique or exemplary achievements in their nominated category:

Solana Pacific School

Grade 5: Sullimon Azai (Effort)

Grade 5: Avigayil Shpegelman (Academic Improvement)

Grade 6: Nolan Heinemann (Self Improvement)

Grade 6: Samuel Jafek (Courage)

Solana Santa Fe School

Grade K: Reed Bellows (Fellowship)

Grade 1: Stella Marshall (Courage)

Grade 2: Yaowen “Annie” Zhang (Courage)

Grade 3: Stella Mikolajewski (Fellowship)

Grade 4: Emma Marshall (Fellowship)

Grade 5: Joseph “Joey” Bertsch (Leadership)

Grade 6: Sarah Zhang (Courage)

Skyline School

Grade 2: Kaede Ward (Community Service)

Grade 4: Brenda Jimenez Lopez (Fellowship)

Grade 5: Serenity Prescott (Courage)

Grade 6: Maria Montanari (Effort)

Grade 6: Lucas Polidori (Community Service)

Solana Vista School

Grade K: Jack Gilmore (Courage)

Grade 1: Leyton Gleeson (Courage)

Grade 2: Oliver Sullivan (Academic Improvement)

Grade 3: Lily Clickner (Courage)

Solana Highlands School

Grade K: Katie Sirkin (Fellowship)

Grade 1: Emilio Celis Garcia (Courage)

Grade 2: Julia Krenek (Courage)

Grade 3: Brandon Wichern (Courage)

Grade 4: Natalya Antoniades (Effort)

Carmel Creek School

Grade TK: Brooke Epstein (Fellowship)

Grade 1: Joseph “Yosi” Berlin (Effort)

Grade 2: Natasha Oliver (Courage)

Grade 3: Sofia Gristina (Effort)

Grade 4: Emily Jing (Fellowship and Courage)