Solana Beach School District to honor Student Inspiration Award recipients


Once a year, Solana Beach School District staff selects students from each grade level to receive the district Student Inspiration Award. Areas for selection include:

• Fellowship

• Courage

• Self or Academic Improvement

• Effort

• Community Service

• Leadership

At the regular Board of Education meeting on May 17, district staff and the Board of Education will publicly recognize the following students for unique or exemplary achievements in their nominated category (see photos from the May 17 event in the May 24 issue of this newspaper):

Solana Pacific School

Grade 5: Victoria Li (Effort)

Grade 5: Alexandra Sherlock (Effort)

Grade 6: Malvika Jain (Fellowship)

Grade 6: Simon (Jiil) Kim (Effort)

Skyline School

Grade 4: Keyli Garibay (Effort)

Grade 4: Maria Jimenez (Fellowship)

Grade 5: Samantha Ramirez (Self or Academic Improvement)

Grade 6: Jack Hargis (Leadership)

Grade 6: Carolyn Knapp (Community Service)

Solana Vista School

Grade K: Sofia Dalhoumi (Fellowship)

Grade 1: Wallace Graziano (Courage)

Grade 2: Freddy Beltran (Effort)

Grade 3: Tigist Lambesis (Effort)

Solana Highlands School

Grade K: Ines Derrien (Effort)

Grade 1: Peyton McKenzie Garand (Courage)

Grade 2: Ryan Deere (Leadership)

Grade 3: Adam Young (Leadership)

Grade 4: Paige Linden (Self or Academic Improvement)

Carmel Creek School

Grade K: Lauren Wilson-Krescanko (Courage)

Grade 1: Alex Cabulio (Leadership)

Grade 2: Kendal Boothman (Fellowship)

Grade 3: Ivar Melin (Effort)

Grade 4: Lucy Reed (Fellowship)