Solana Beach Schools Foundation refreshes its ‘look and feel’

To increasingly enrich education in the Solana Beach School District by bridging the gap between vital school needs and state funding, the Solana Beach Schools Foundation (SBSF) is introducing its new name, look, and feel. The refresh will also better communicate the purpose of the SBSF and the programs it funds.

Previously the Solana Beach Foundation for Learning, the SBSF supports Discovery Labs curriculum in science, technology, research, engineering, arts, math, (STREAM) and supplemental physical education by raising funds not provided by the State of California. Collaborating with classroom teachers, Discovery Labs instructors supplement the existing curriculum with hands-on, interdisciplinary lab-based activities.

The refresh introduces a new logo; a new tagline, “Discovery starts here”; a new website,; and new branding efforts in general — all designed to resonate with the district’s parents and the local community.

With the refresh, students will more clearly distinguish Discovery Labs from “wheel” or “pull-out” classes. This recognition will engage their interest as the Labs inspire them to discover and explore STREAM and supplemental physical education through hands-on instruction.

According to SBSF President Jackie Teague, “Other local school districts have had to cut science labs, technology, and art programs, but thanks to continued donations to the SBSF, the kids in the Solana Beach School District are still enjoying these programs.”

SBSF contributions pay for Discovery Labs necessities such as instructor salaries; books, materials, supplies and equipment; and software, mobile apps, iPads, iTouches, and iPods.

Donations to the SBSF can be made at

The Solana Beach Schools Foundation (SBSF) provides the Solana Beach School District with the funds necessary to support education not provided by the State of California. In addition to Discovery Labs for science, technology, research, engineering, arts, math, (STREAM) and supplemental PE, the SBSF supports other vital academic programs for the District at Carmel Creek, Skyline, Solana Highlands, Solana Pacific, Solana Santa Fe, Solana Ranch, and Solana Vista Elementary Schools.

For more information on the SBSF and to make a donation, visit