Solana Beach schools need your support

By Donna Lebert, Michelle Moraga, Nelia Ferris and Theresa Hill

Skyline and Solana Vista site presidents

As your Solana Vista and Skyline site presidents for the Solana Beach Foundation for Learning (SBFL), a nonprofit group that raises money for our schools, we are concerned about waning community support for our public schools. California’s budget crisis looms large at our local elementary schools. Funding for science, technology, physical education, and visual and performing arts programs depends on us. These programs will vanish without parental and community financial support.

The days of a free, well-rounded public school education have become part of California history. Now our schools depend on donations from parents and community members to provide instruction that inspires curiosity and creativity. To keep California great and growing, we must offer our children more than reading, writing and arithmetic.

Good schools equal strong communities and higher property values for all. So even if you don’t have a child or grandchild in public school, please reach out and help us achieve our goal of providing excellent public education. We urge everyone to donate to the essential cause of keeping our local public schools great by contacting SBFL at

We look forward to receiving greater community support for our public schools. Every donation, no matter what the size, counts toward providing the children in our community the best public education possible.