Jury finds man sane in Solana Beach woman’s murder

A man who killed his mother with a hammer and chopped her body in her Solana Beach home after she quit financially supporting him was sane at the time of the murder, a jury found Nov. 6.

Bryan Chang, 33, pleaded guilty to first-degree murder last month for the January 2010 death of 60-year-old Sherry Chu Chang. Jurors were asked to determine if the defendant was insane, as the defense contended.

Deliberations began Tuesday afternoon.

The victim’s body was found Jan. 25, 2010, at her home after she didn’t show up for work. Her son was arrested two nights later at his home in Los Angeles.

Sherry Chu Chang had 75 wounds, including blows to her arm, back and scalp, delivered by a hammer, prosecutor Rachel Solov told the jury. The defendant used a knife to cut off his mother’s right arm, which he put in the refrigerator, the prosecutor said. A piece of her skull was found in a drawer.

Solov said Bryan Chang killed his mother in “cold blood,” then tried to clean up the mess before leaving.

Defense attorney Kathleen Cannon said her client was mentally ill and delusional at the time of the murder.

Sherry Chang’s credit card was used after she was killed, and about $2,000 was taken from her purse, according to court testimony.

Sentencing was scheduled Jan. 13.