Solana Beach street makeover gives rise to ‘Cedros South’


Staff Writer

The area of the Cedros Design District from Rosa Avenue southward is letting its identity shine — makeover style.

The 14 retailers of the mini-district have banded together to create “Cedros South” and completely change the façade of that end of Cedros Avenue. Not only will they be installing new crosswalks, sculptures and photographic banners, but they are adding a number of features to enhance the visitor experience: bike parking, new lighting facilities, dog watering stations and sitting areas, to name a few.

The changes are drastic and fast-moving, said Cedros Avenue Design District Association spokesman Sean MacLeod. Merchants thought up the idea only five months ago, and improvements are expected to be complete in two months, culminating with an open house event on Oct. 15 — which will be a “big, lovely party,” said MacLeod.

“We have such a wonderful community of friends and merchants at the south end. We would get together and have wine and cheese amongst ourselves, and one day I said ‘Hey, we ought to take this idea further and highlight our unique identity,’” said MacLeod.

He added that the Cedros South area is not trying to compete with or break away from the rest of the district.

“We are one big happy family on the whole avenue, but if people respond to ‘South Village,’ they’re going to come to Cedros anyway,” he said. “We are just enhancing one part of the street.”

The merchants are particularly excited about the installation of a large sculpture called “Love My Bike,” by Amos Robinson. Currently a prized possession of Manhattan Beach, the sculpture will be relocated to Cedros Avenue and soon adorn the entrance of Cedros South.

“The artist knows Cedros and grasps our vision,” MacLeod said.

MacLoad said the South Cedros facelift will not only solidify and give a name to the identity that already exists past Rosa Avenue, but it will also highlight the fashion and art-oriented merchants who reside there.

“There are some fascinating people down there,” he said.