Solutions sought to cut-through traffic


The Interstate 5 onramps at Manchester Avenue are so congested in the morning and afternoon many drivers cut through Rancho Santa Fe to access the freeway further south, Rancho Santa Fe Association officials said.

“Our local roads have become, in essence, arterials,” Administrator Ivan Holler said. “Those roads were not designed as arterials, they were not intended to carry that volume of traffic.”

The association plans to approach Caltrans to address the problem.

The association would like the transportation agency to evaluate the onramps to see if there is a way to alleviate long cues that often back up to El Camino Real.

The association’s board of directors authorized sending a letter to Caltrans suggesting possible solutions, such as speeding up the metering cycle during rush hours and adding another cuing lane on the ramps.

Changing how fast and how many cars can enter the freeway would be an easier fix than adding a lane, which may require widening the ramps, Holler said.

Board members expressed some skepticism about whether either these solutions were possible or if Caltrans would even respond to their inquiry.

Board member Deb Plumber said she was hopeful that the faster metering might be possible now that the southbound auxiliary lane connecting Manchester Avenue to Lomas Santa Fe makes it much easier for drivers to safely enter the freeway.

The city of Encinitas was also supportive of contacting Caltrans about the congested interchange, Holler said.