Some things never change

The longer you’re around Solana Beach the more things stay the same.

In 2006, there was a vote questioning their decision on “anti-mansionization;” it was called Prop. A. Now there’s Prop. B, because the council wouldn’t do the reasonable thing, again. When their actions were questioned with an initiative, they adopted the same political tactics they used in ‘06: erroneous statements, scare tactics and gross exaggerations.

Erroneous statements:

  1. Prop B prohibits the city from adopting safeguards to public health and safety. Wrong. The council sets the regulations in the rental policy.
  2. Under Prop B, changes require costly elections. Wrong. Only a closure requires another vote.
  3. The center was closed in the late 1990s due to raucous parties. Wrong. Fifteen former city officials have testified it was not due to parties but closed due to a costly sewer back up.

Scare Tactics:

  1. Prop B exposes our city to significant liability for expensive lawsuits. Wrong. There is nothing in Prop B that makes lawsuits more possible.
  2. There will be loud live bands. Wrong. All music is to be indoors and exterior sound levels around the perimeter monitored.
  3. There will be unlimited alcohol. Wrong. Only wine and beer is permitted. Is the council really going to refrain from setting reasonable restrictions?

Gross Exaggerations:

  1. There will be two parties every weekend. That would be a 16-fold increase over current utilization. Sixteen times? Actual projections are much lower.
  2. Every weekend the parties will have 100 guests. The fire marshal’s limit for events without table seating is 100. Won’t the vast majority be catered, sit-down events where the maximum is 50?

Stung that anyone would question their judgment, the council has thrown up a typical smokescreen of erroneous statements and deceptions. Don’t buy it! Prop B is a reasonable way to make the Fletcher Cove Community Center available to the whole community. Vote “Yes” on Prop B.
Louise Abbott

Solana Beach