Speak up now on plan for Pacific Highlands Ranch core

By Dean Dubey

Resident, Pacific Highlands Ranch

As the fate of the Pacific Highlands Ranch (PHR) Village will be decided by the San Diego City Council on Jan. 26, I want to let residents know that now is the time, the final time, to speak up for our community and for what its core will become.

As a community member who has been involved with this issue since 2007 I have become dismayed at the way this project was handled.

Pardee Homes has exerted enormous pressure both on our local planning group and the city planning staff to allow construction ofplan (the PHR Subarea plan). Our village is supposed to be a walkable pedestrian center, one that encourages residents to walk to our village center to have our every day shopping and service needs met.

However, Pardee’s plan includes a six-story parking garage (two stories are below ground) with condos surrounding it, that sits on a 3.9-acre block, which far exceeds a block size requirement and exceeds our communities height restriction of 45 feet by 15 feet. This will be a detriment to our community.

It appears that Pardee’s purpose for the village is to be primarily a regional draw that will bring significant amounts of traffic to our community and hurt our property values, instead of serving the residents of PHR first and foremost.

Pardee’s plan calls for 2,189 parking spaces, with 675 of those for future residences in the Village. With only 5,000 total homes for PHR at full build-out, clearly Pardee is planning for this to be a regional draw, which will be to our community’s detriment. Don’t take my word for it. Research our community plan (the city’s guide to what Pardee is supposed to be follow) and then read the city’s report on Pardee’s plan at

Then PLEASE send your comments to the City Council at Hearings1@sandiego. gov and specifically to our City Council representative Sherri Lightner at This is your last chance to be heard.