Special ‘Blessing Ceremony’ held in Del Mar

Bertha and Robert Leone recently held a special “Blessing Ceremony” for their granddaughter, Mia Genevieve Martin, at their Del Mar home.

Mia wore a christening gown sewn in 1876, 135 years ago, by her great-great-great-great maternal grandmother.

Mia is the 46th baby to wear the gown. Mia’s great grandmother, Genevieve, was the 9th baby to wear the gown. Bertha Leone was the 18th baby to wear the gown and her daughter, Jaime, was the 29th. Mia is the daughter of Jaime Leone Martin and Jeremy Martin of San Diego.

Since Mia’s paternal grandparents live on the East Coast, the ceremony included mixing water from the Pacific Ocean and Long Island Sound before it was blessed. A pewter pitcher and bowl, traditionally used for baptisms in the Martin family, was used.

The officiant at the service was Reverend Deborah Young.