Stahl blasts San Diego media

The Stahl for Congress Committee calls into question not only the journalistic intent but also the community obligation of the local San Diego media.

The Stahl for Congress Committee is wondering why we are even having a primary if the local media wants to decide for the voters who should be in the debates and the general election without interviewing or vetting anyone but Saldana, Peters and Bilbray.

“The liberal media wants to limit the debates to those three so that Saldana or Peters will get through the primary,” stated John K. Stahl. “And the self-proclaimed conservative media wants to limit it as well so that a weak RINO incumbent will move on without being required to answer for his poor conservative record.”

The Stahl for Congress finds that after receiving the endorsement of the National Women Veterans of America, the American Independent Party (AIP), iCaucus, the San Diego Tea Party and the 858 Tea Party that the local media wants to disenfranchise veterans, fiscal conservatives, non-establishment Republicans, AIP members, pro-life and private sector business citizens.

“The local media is insulting veterans, fiscal conservatives, pro-life and private sector businesspeople by saying that there is no room at the table for your point of view,” added Stahl. “We only want to hear the progressive, liberal and moderate voice and not allow the conservative candidate to be included.”

“If the only people allowed into the debate are three people who never served their country in uniform, have no experience working at a manufacturing company and are all looking to be double and triple dipping taxpayer pensions, then the local media is shortchanging a wide swath of the citizens in San Diego,” added Stahl, “And destroying whatever journalistic credibility they may have had.”

Stahl is a former Naval Aviator who graduated from the Naval Training Command with the designation of Distinguished Naval Graduate. He holds a BS in mathematics from the University of Kentucky and an MBA from Florida Atlantic University. He started his 30-year career in the semiconductor industry with Texas Instruments and was vice president of Worldwide Sales for not only TRW/LSI Products but also Raytheon Semiconductor here in San Diego.

The Stahl for Congress committee is committed to running an issues-oriented campaign that puts focus on common sense solutions to these mounting problems that the status quo seems incapable of addressing.

The Stahl for Congress campaign can be reached at 858-481-5339 or visit

— Submitted by the Stahl for Congress campaign