State beaches form nonprofit

South Carlsbad State Beach and San Elijo State Beach recently formed a nonprofit group called Friends of Cardiff & Carlsbad State Beaches. The association will assist and work collaboratively with California State Parks to protect and preserve Cardiff, San Elijo, South Carlsbad and Carlsbad State Beaches.

The organization’s goal is to provide information concerning the natural, cultural, historical and biological diversity of the parks. It also aims to make infrastructure improvements to the parks, expand services and schedule events, said Brian Ketterer, north district superintendent for California State Parks.

“This association offers local residents and businesses an opportunity to make a difference in helping preserve and protect these popular local area beaches with support through donations, time, materials or equipment,” Ketterer said.

At South Carlsbad State Beach, the nonprofit is helping create a new special events area called Pelican Point at the north end of the campground.

The nonprofit is looking for donations of equipment and building materials for facility improvements, prizes for event raffles, and materials to support the volunteer efforts.

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