‘State of Play’: Thank you for the love letter

‘State of Play’

Rated PG-13

Grade: B+

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In a time when newspapers are going bankrupt; accessorizing with “For Sale” signs; minimizing due to paper cuts (ouch); being marginalized by the Internet; and closing their doors, it’s surprising that Hollywood would center a film on our industry in waiting. Unexpected, but nice.

On behalf of newspaper journalists everywhere, I’d like to personally thank the “State of Play” writers -- Matthew Michael Carnahan, Tony Gilroy and Billy Ray -- as well as the director -- Kevin Macdonald -- for reminding the masses just how important


journalism is.

The journalist’s role in a community reaches far beyond the newsprint (and Web views) and this film backs up that fact as two journalists -- one veteran (Russell Crowe) and one rookie (Rachel McAdams) -- and their ruthless editor (Helen Mirren) help police solve a murder mystery by asking the tough questions related to the deaths of a Congressman’s (Ben Affleck) assistant and a thief. The ultimate conspiracy unfolds with twists and turns during this highly entertaining film.

From the opening scene to the end, the viewer is left wanting more, seeking out the answers, just like journalists do. And at every moment, the viewer is reminded just how crucial the fourth estate is.

The big screen tribute shouldn’t be necessary, but in these tough times we’ll take it.