Letters to the editor: July 30 issue

Solana Beach Library expansion should include more parking

The July 23 issue of the Solana Beach Sun carried a letter by Dave Roberts on the improvements planned for the Solana Beach “shared-use” library at Earl Warren Middle School.

The expansion of the facility sounds great, but one issue that Mr. Roberts did not address is the current parking problem. The parking just in front of the library is limited, and the extended parking below the library is shared by library patrons and school staff.

More than once I have come to the library during the school year and found all parking spots in both lots taken. Since there is literally no place to park, I’ve had to go to the Encinitas library instead.

This new expansion desperately needs to include more parking that can accommodate both school staff and library patrons.

Rachel Baltz

Solana Beach

‘Water shortage’ being caused by the state

Ms. (Megan) Gray (Letters, July 23) protests the available beach showers in light of a “disastrous water shortage.” In reality, no water shortage exists, and none of us should be on water allocation or restrictions concerning water use at all.

The “shortage,” as the San Diego County Water Authority’s Maureen Stapleton has said repeatedly, is caused solely by the state government imposing financial costs on the retail districts, should they sell more water to willing customers than the state arbitrarily thinks proper.

So if you want a return to freely choosing how you use the water you pay for, and will pay for, even as it evaporates from the newly enlarged reservoir, please contact your political representatives and the water districts demanding they push back on the false emergency declaration made by the state.

Please visit this website for much more information:

Bill Stoops

Solana Beach

Faulconer reflects on accomplishments in community at year’s halfway point

Every New Year, many of us make routine resolutions hoping for unconventional change. But by the summer, we’ve often forgotten those old pledges. At my State of the City address in January, I renewed my commitment to put neighborhoods first and spread opportunities to every community. Halfway through the year, I have not forgotten these resolutions.

Over the past several months, I’ve worked hard to create my new One San Diego budget — a balanced city budget that funds neighborhood improvements, paves hundreds of miles of roads and improves parks throughout San Diego. It’s also the first budget in years that our City Council passed by a unanimous vote across party lines. As a result, this July the City of San Diego started repairing more streets, installing new streetlights and expanding recreation center and library hours.

When I ran for mayor, I promised to dedicate half of all major revenue growth to improving our neighborhoods and aging infrastructure. My One San Diego budget fulfills that commitment and more. It doubles the amount of street repairs compared to the year I first took office. In fact, we are fixing more than 300 miles of roads in one year alone. It’s the first step in my plan to repair 1,000 miles of streets over the next five years.

We know that communities can only take full advantage of economic and educational opportunities when they feel safe and secure. So in January, I pledged to reduce the inequality in emergency response times in our city. My One San Diego budget adds an additional fire-rescue fast response squad to improve emergency response times in neighborhoods that need it most. It also funds four police academies and begins a new police contract to recruit and retain officers.

Every San Diegan deserves the opportunity to thrive, particularly our children. It’s why expanding neighborhoods services that benefit youth are a key component to this financial plan. The budget improves parks and playgrounds in every city council district, increases operating hours by 33 percent in 36 recreation centers, and triples internet speeds at all branch libraries.

From festive barbecues at our neighborhood parks to Comic-Con’s spectacular showcase in the Gaslamp, summer is an exciting time for families and children in San Diego. It also serves as a time for reflection and marks an important halfway point in the year. As your mayor, I’m excited to share with you what we’ve accomplished so far to improve infrastructure, public safety and neighborhood services. This is how we create opportunities for every San Diegan — and make sure that promises made are promises kept.

Mayor Kevin L. Faulconer

City of San Diego