Stop sign approved near Solana Highlands School

By Karen Billing

The Carmel Valley Community Planning Board June 28 approved a new stop sign at Long Run Drive and Candela Place near Solana Highlands School in Carmel Valley. The all-way intersection has a crosswalk but no stop sign for students to safely get across the road.

“It’s a safety issue for out students using the crosswalk there,” said Solana Highlands Principal Jerry Jones, who came to the meeting with 64 parent signatures in support of the stop sign. “Visibility is not very good there and cars are traveling at a high rate of speed.”

Neighbors have also expressed concerns about speeding in the area and the sign could be a helpful traffic calming measure.

Alyssa Sepinwall, a neighbor to the school, said she was so happy when she heard that a stop sign was being considered at the location.

“Whether it’s during school time or not, it’s very dangerous,” said Sepinwall of the all-way stop. “I cannot see and when I need to get out I just honk my horn and hope no one crashes into me.”

Several people in attendance spoke in favor of the sign, although the board did receive letters against it due to emissions and noise, preferring speed bumps instead. Believing that the sign was what a majority of community members wanted, the board unanimously approved it.

“I live in the area and use that street frequently and I think a stop sign would be very appropriate,” said board member Nancy Novak.