Stop sign, crosswalk approved near Carmel Valley’s Overlook Park

The Carmel Valley Community Planning Board approved March 26 the installation of a stop sign and crosswalk on High Bluff Drive after a community member-led drive.

Sean Coughlin, a 20-year resident of Carmel Valley, made the request for the traffic calming measure at High Bluff Drive and Grandvia Point, a three-way intersection that has a “dangerous curve” and has experienced several near misses.

The intersection is located near Overlook Park and there is no safe way for pedestrians to cross the street to access it.

“It’s a safety issue for the community,” Coughlin said.

Board member Nancy Novak said she lives on the street and could attest to the danger of the intersection. When out walking her dog she has to be very careful trying to get to the park.

“If you don’t look left and then look again, someone can be bearing down on you,” Novak said. “I have to run across the street.”

Coughlin said he walked the neighborhood to gather signatures but admitted his schedule was limited due to his job and being a parent. In two hours on two Saturdays he gathered 35 signatures in favor of the stop sign and only one person said they were against it: a resident on Landfair Road who said a cop posted regularly at a nearby stop sign had ticketed him for rolling through the sign.