Students attend Science Day

On March 10, the Human BioMolecular Research Institute hosted 20 students from Del Mar Pines School for their annual Science Day.

Students were given a tour of the laboratories, and HBRI provided science experiments that paralleled the curriculum taught in the students’ classroom.

These presentations included studies of DNA, cell biology studies using advanced microscopes, biochemical studies and morphological studies.

Students became cell biologists for the day; they viewed videos of white blood cells absorbing bacteria, saw brain cells under a microscope, and learned about macrophage cells and microglial cells that are being used in HBRI research. Through hands-on experiments, students learned about muscle tissue and the circulatory system. In the chemistry lab, they worked with thin layer chromatography and were able to take home samples of their work.

Part of HBRI’s mission is to “promote scientific learning through community service and public access.” To accomplish this mission, HBRI has been involved with the advancement of science education in the San Diego community for over a decade.

In the last 10 years, HBRI has focused on the development of fundamental information useful to understand and ameliorate human diseases of the central nervous system. Included in the areas of study are: Alzheimer’s disease and related neurodegenerative disorders, Parkinson’s disease, cardiovascular disease, cancer, depression, attention deficit disorder, drug abuse, chronic pain and smoking cessation.

The institute will be celebrating a decade of brain research and science education programs at its 10th anniversary fundraiser gala on May 30 at the Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club.

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