Students from Korea visit Carmel Valley for Robotics Camp

From Aug. 6 - Aug. 17, Robolink hosted 10 Korean students in Carmel Valley/Sorrento Valley for Robotics Camps. The students toured many companies and organizations related to Robotics and Smart Phone applications, including: USC Robotics Interaction lab, Qualcomm Institution (Robotics Lab, Immersive Visualization Lab) 3D Robotics, Seabotix, UCSD IEEE Lab, Qulacomm, Legoland, Universal Studio, etc.

The students met many noticeable people in town, such as Rick Timm, president of Seabotix, who led the tour of his company; Joshua Ott, who is editorial director at 3D robotics; Victor Lee, the president of UCSD IEEE; and Tingfan Wu, who is actively working on Diego San robot at Qulacomm Institution.

The international students also had the opportunity to interact with local students in San Diego. Kallen Lonbom, who lives in Carmel Valley, got to stay with those 10 international students. He learned robotics education, shared many cool American cultures with them, and also competed with them for making marketable robots. On the last day, the visiting students presented their robotics invention, and there were many interesting robots, including fire fighting robot, sign language translating robot, robot wheel that can roll and fly, shoe rack sorter robot, etc.

They also American food, especially Cheesecake Factory, IN-N-OUT, and Beach BBQ. They also wanted to stay longer for great food and lovely weather.

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