Students get amped for dodge-ball tourney


By Pooja Magavi


Canyon Crest Academy’s annual dodge-ball tournament took place last week, culminating on Friday in the gym after a week of lunchtime competition between 42 teams, made up of 250 players, including 18 teachers.

Nearly 200 students came out to watch the matches, with more than 450 cheering on their classmates during Friday’s final games.

In the end, it came down to The Dynasty and Team Shake ‘n Bake, largely comprised of seniors. The teams played three games, with the best of three declared the winner. They battled it out, with Principal Brian Köhn as referee.

Team Shake ‘n Bake emerged victorious, after winning the first and third games.

The dodge ballers were deeply invested in the game — red balls flew across the gym with great force and many players were visibly upset after getting out. But for the most part, the tournament was about friendly competition.

“Just the pride of everyone dedicated to a team effort ... I was so amped ... I didn’t even know there was a prize,” said Joubin Mirzadegan, a senior and member of Shake ‘n Bake.

The 2009 dodge ball champions were awarded a trophy and will enjoy an ice cream social in the upcoming weeks. They will also receive customized Shake ‘n Bake shirts.

The event, organized by the associated student body, was the school’s second annual dodge-ball tournament. James Lewis, a junior, originally thought of the idea and he was in charge of the weeklong tournament this year.

“I think it was one of the better ASB events we have ever put on. Teams are already asking us to put on a spring tournament,” Lewis said.