Students learn to make mosaics

R. Roger Rowe third- and fourth-grade students recently learned that by piecing together small fragments, they can create one beautiful picture. Through an art lesson on mosaics guided by Rancho Santa Fe Art Guild President Tim Lueker, the students created ocean-themed tiles to reflect their MARE week studies.

Lueker, an artist who is an oceanographer at Scripps, had all the children draw designs, and the easiest to be made into mosaics were picked for them to work on in groups.

Lueker brought in the materials, and children made pelicans, seahorses and fish. The art guild helped fill them in with grout.

“I’m always impressed with the way kids look at things,” Lueker said. “Their creativity is so refreshing.”

Lueker said he was especially impressed when the children flipped the tiles upside down to use their more textured bottoms for things such as turtle shells and treasure chests.

“That’s something only a kid would think of,” Lueker said.

Lueker said he is working out the details, but the tiles could end up being raffled off at the art guild’s Sept. 13 Art Affaire.