Students note Earth Day with film

More than 100 families gathered to recognize Earth Day at Skyline Elementary School on April 22 with a screening of the film “Tapped,” a documentary about the bottled water industry and commoditization of drinking water.

Jackie Durward’s sixth-grade class and Shannon Applegate’s fifth-grade class organized the evening. The Solana Beach Parent-Teacher Association and San Diego Coastkeeper sponsored the event.

Families were encouraged to bring empty water bottles, aluminum cans and Capri Sun pouches to be recycled. A number of booths were available with information about living an environmentally conscious lifestyle. Organizations, including Coastkeeper, the Sierra Club, Solana Beach’s Clean and Green Committee and the Surfrider Foundation were on hand to share information with attendees.

A group of students introduced the film by explaining the history of Earth Day and its significance. They also encouraged attendees to take the lessons seriously and embrace new green habits.

“Many of us have heard of the ‘three Rs’: reduce, reuse and recycle,” one student said. “Many of us do a fairly good job of recycling, but do we pay enough attention to the first two Rs? Are we using less? Are we reusing more?”

“Tonight, we would like to propose a fourth R: to rethink; rethink the way we use resources; rethink what we buy and how we live,” another student said.

Durward and Applegate’s classes created a tree made from newspapers and paper grocery bags on one of the Activity Center’s walls. After the film, students were encouraged to write their environmental commitments on paper leaves and add them to the tree.

— Halie Johnson