Students shine in Solana Beach Library Spring 2013 Reading Challenge

Solana Beach/Earl Warren Middle School Library recently hosted their Spring 2013 Reading Challenge for Earl Warren students. The Reading Challenge is a leisure reading incentive program in which students who read and log over 1,000 pages of recreational reading throughout the semester attend a Movie Party in the library in lieu of attending English class that day.

This year’s Reading Challenge parties were held May 21 and 22, with 113 students participating, having read over 359,000 pages total. Those students who read over 10,000 pages received gift cards, with the top reader, Sajan Palanki, reading 48,626 pages, a record for the seven years of the Reading Challenge. The program is funded by the Del Mar-Solana Beach Optimist Club and the Earl Warren PTSA.

Gift Card Winners Reading over 10,000 pages:

Sajan Palanki: 48,626

Stacy Kong: 16,981

Lily Alexander 16,771

Erin Bentel: 16,634

Sabrina Lin: 11,105

Lillian Blackburn: 10,443

Kevin Parr: 10,097

Stephanie Hermann: 10,053