Students soar in Reflections art show

The North Coastal Council Reflections art show at Solana Pacific featured the “Wow"-themed work of contest finalists. Awards of Excellence were given to 45 students from North County schools, including 14 from Carmel Valley.

The “wow” artists include Kiersten Cannon from Solana Pacific; Vincent Duong, Rachel Bear and Derrick Lo from Ashley Falls; Rina Pilevsky from Carmel Creek; Yubin Huh, Emma Largerie and Ann Ryan from Carmel Del Mar; and Parul Pubbi, Joshua Bernstein, Santiago Quintana, Kari Kiyono, Meagan Wu and Rama Rayana from Carmel Valley Middle School.

Two Del Mar artists awarded were Alexis Roark and Olivia Seidel from Del Mar Heights.

Meaghan Wu from Carmel Valley Middle School was one of three to receive an Award of Merit at the state level.

The Solana Pacific multipurpose room was filled with works from schools all over the North Coast.

Carmel Valley Middle School eighth-grader Santiago Quintana took an amazing photo of the Golden Gate Bridge, and Solana Pacific sixth-grader Kierston Cannon took a cool shot of a spider web. Sage Canyon fifth-grader Shannon Yoqerst painted a beautiful bird, and Sycamore Ridge third-grader Justine Kwon painted a fantastic space scene.

Performances included readings from Rina Pilevsky, a fourth-grader at Carmel Creek; eighth-grader Parul Pubbi from Carmel Valley Middle School; and Vincent Duong, a sixth-grader from Ashley Falls.

Carmel Del Mar fifth-grader Yubin Huh performed a piece on the piano she wrote, called “Wow! Look How Beautiful the Swans Are.” Equally impressive was Ashley Falls sixth-grader Derrick Lo’s spunky piece called “Search for Inspiration.”

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