Students: There’s nobody like Dad

Sycamore Ridge School got a jump-start on celebrating Father’s Day by hosting a Dad’s Lunch last Wednesday afternoon. Dads came bearing bag lunches of all kinds to share a happy meal with their children at the lunch tables. Here’s what some of the children said when asked what they love best about dear old Dad.

Jake Becker about dad Jeff:

‘He’s funny and lets me go to work with him sometimes. He takes me fishing on the weekends, and he takes me camping sometimes.’

Hallie White about dad Scott:

‘When I go bike-riding and I fall, he always sticks right next to me. And when I try to catch fish, he always takes them off the hook for me.’

Tegan Anderes about dad Walter:

‘I think what I love best about my dad is how he takes time out of work to go to things like the dad luncheon or other school things like field trips. He takes me camping, and I just like being at home with him.’

Kalina Anderes about dad Walter:

‘I think that he’s really funny.’

Dylan Johnson about dad Ron:

Dylan, a kindergartner, said that he practices football and baseball with his dad. They also hit golf balls together. Dylan said his dad is a really good athlete and he wants to be ‘just like him’ when he grows up.