Summer 2013 Carmel Valley Open Basketball League Champs: ‘Just Do It’


This team’s name really tells their story this season. It was more than just a name, it was their motto, for each and every game. All season long they found ways to win games when other teams might not have. Some games they trailed at half-time and others they trailed with under a minute left. It didn’t matter whether key players were missing or fouled out. It didn’t matter when they were tired or worn out. Players stepped up when they needed to. Time and time again, they found ways to pull out a win. The entire team knew all they had to do was “Just Do It.”

Last week, “Just Do It” won the 3rd/4th grade basketball championship in the Master Sports Open League in Carmel Valley. On Aug. 19 they defeated team “#swag” in the semi-final game, 34-25, to advance to the finals game. Later that same evening, they played team “Swish” in the championship game. They knew it would be a tough game after the two previous match ups, during the regular season, that ended up being really close. The championship game was a very close contest throughout the entire first half, with the two teams battling to a 12-12 tie at half-time.

The close game continued well into the second half until “Just Do It” broke the game wide open and pulled ahead to stay, once and for all. “Just Do It” ended up winning the championship game, 33-26, with an explosive fastbreak offense, great ball movement, and aggressive play on both ends of the court. This game capped a memorable season for a team that finished with a 10-0 record. Congratulations to “Just Do It.”