Support for One Paseo


This debate has too often become monopolized by the loud and abrasive voices of those who not only oppose One Paseo, but really oppose any change or growth within our community. In the most recent planning board meeting we heard negative comments such as residents of Carmel Valley “don’t like to walk” in their community and more residential development means more “unwanted” people would live in Carmel Valley. This sort of narrow mindedness and resistance to smart growth belongs to the voices of a small minority that are simply anti-anything.

I have read parts of the EIR, attended planning board meetings, read many letters to the editor, and talked about this project with my neighbors. It seems that Kilroy has effectively addressed all the complaints while maintaining the character of their mixed use development. The density has decreased, the traffic issues mostly mitigated, and the streetscape softened. In addition, the developers will be adding many infrastructure upgrades to the community with far-reaching benefits beyond the small foot print of One Paseo

A project like One Paseo is necessary and a good fit for our community. Carmel Valley is a highly desirable place to live and raise a family. With the influx of people looking to become a part of our community comes a need for increased dining and shopping options as well as housing options. One Paseo was designed to provide all of that while blending into the heart of our community. On the one hand, a previous proposal to put “Big Box” stores at this site was rightfully shot down. On the other hand, adding another cluster of office buildings in this prime central location adds nothing to our community. Adhering rigidly to a 30-year-old community plan is the wrong approach to our rapidly changing region. It has been a long time since Carmel Valley was farmland and it is time to recognize that it already is a densely populated, truly suburban mixed use tract.

I look forward to taking my family to a place where we can grab dinner, watch a movie, or browse a farmers market. All these amenities will be close enough to reach on foot or bike – providing options that allow people to be less dependent on their car. Residents will be less likely to leave Carmel Valley to seek their entertainment while creating jobs locally, increasing the tax base, and taking cars off our freeways.

Howard Bear

Carmel Valley resident