Support for Turkish people needed

This is a call for your support for the Turkish people who are heroically resisting the governing party AKP’s oppression of the peaceful demonstrations in Turkey.

People of all ages and political persuasions have been gassed, beaten and arrested by the government’s police forces. Mainstream media which functions as the mouthpiece of the government did nothing to inform its people about the brutal oppression that was taking place in different corners of the country.

Government is trying to label the demonstrators as elements of subversive groups or misguided people who are being used to bring chaos to the country. Nothing can be more far from the truth. People have been silenced, jailed and terrorized by the AKP government long enough to say “No More.”

People who were made feel alone, disorganized and weak about their just resentments are taking the control of their lives into their own hands.

Support of the international community will be very important now and in the long- term struggle to expose the brutal, authoritarian face of the AKP government.

Isil Oz and Mert Yengin