San Diego Surf Academy Select BU9 team wins San Diego Surf Thanksgiving Challenge

It was a stellar performance by the San Diego Surf Academy Select BU9 team in the San Diego Surf Thanksgiving Challenge. These boys went undefeated the entire tournament with Surf Soccer Club scoring a total of 25 goals while allowing only 10.

The finals took place on Sunday, Nov. 29, at the San Diego Polo Fields, where the boys battled against the talented Albion Soccer Club. It was a cold and rainy Thanksgiving Weekend, but the competition heated up in the finals that afternoon. At the end of the first half, Surf Soccer Club found themselves tie 2 - 2, with a goal from Jaziel Segura and Jacquel Ferguson for Surf Soccer Club. Surf played tough and by the end of the first half Jacquel scored another goal placing them up by one at 3 - 2.

In the last minute of regulation time, Albion scored an equalizer making it 3 - 3, sending the game into overtime. In overtime, it got even more intense with soccer moms, dads, and fans cheering like crazy. All the while, Coach Dave Currie remained calm and collective. With his positive leadership, the team continued to battle it out and with only 1 minutes left in overtime, Jaquel Ferguson dribbled 3 defenders and scored another beautiful shot to take a 4 - 3 victory.

“It was a well deserved win. These boys worked hard and they earned it”, says Coach Dave Currie. Congratulations to San Diego Surf Academy for their success in San Diego Surf Thanksgiving Challenge.