Surf BU12 Academy team wins Carlsbad Coastal Classic

Congratulations to the Surf BU12 Academy team, coached by Arturo Perez, for winning the Carlsbad Coastal Classic on Aug. 24. The BU12 team gave up only two goals and won all games to advance to the finals against the CV Rangers.  Winning 4-1, the boys brought home the trophy! Way to go, Surf! Pictured, front row (L-R): Brady B., Dylan C., Brock S., Jose A., Nicholas G., Ethan E., Sean Z. Middle row:  Dalton B., Eric F., Jake L., Cortez H., Nicholas F., Sam B., Chris T., Jacob Y., Ilan F., Derek L., Luca K., Justin R. Back row: Coach Arturo Perez.

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