Surf GU8 Academy I team finalists at 2013 Blues Cup

San Diego Surf GU8 Academy I were finalists in the 2013 Blues Cup Labor Day Weekend soccer showcase. Coached by Gabe Arrendondo and playing in Bracket A, the team won four games straight, making it to the finals. The team went on to battle the Legends FC in a nail-biting game, giving up only one goal (final score 1-0).

Back row: Gabe Arrendondo; Middle row: Eva Thomsen-Marr, Anya Van Den Einde, Mia Savage, Nadira Haddach, Cybiehl Padre, Diana Loera; Front row: Mia Vassilovski, Lily Gano, Kira Carney, Elly Van Den Einde, Sevrin Kaese.