Surfboard designer visits Del Mar Heights School as part of ArtPartners program

Local surfboard designer Josh Oldenburg paid a visit to the fourth grade classes of Del Mar Heights Elementary as part of the school’s ongoing ArtPartners program. ArtPartners is a program that invites guest artists into the school to share their passion, process, and technical knowledge with students.

Oldenburg spent the hour-long class sessions describing and demonstrating the process of design, sculpture, pigment and color use, materials use, and functional considerations that go into custom, handmade surfboard design. Oldenburg’s process stands in stark contrast to the vast majority of surfboard manufacturers’ who rely on assembly line production. Oldenburg creates each board from start to finish from design to final polish in a process that is much like sculpture.

Students were also asked to try their hand at using a basic template to design an outline for a board. Trying out the tools and techniques of surfboard design was both inspiring and enriching to Del Mar Heights students.

In upcoming visits, Del Mar Heights students will be hosting local artists in textile design, architecture, and landscape painting.