Sycamore Ridge Math Club excels in recent competition

The Sycamore Ridge Math Club recently participated in the AMC8 (American Mathematics Competition) for students in the 8th grade and below. Yearly, 150,000 students worldwide participate in this competition. Math Club coordinator Carol Moon prepared the students for the competition with weekly meetings covering a variety of math topics that were on the exam.

The Sycamore Ridge Math Club performed exceptionally well in the competition, according to Moon, with the following results:

•Two of Sycamore Ridge’s students — Tristan Shin and Derek Liu — scored in the top 5 percent in the world. Derek Liu is a second grade student. They received special recognition for their achievement.

•Sycamore Ridge received a special school team achievement award for earning a team score of 50 or more (the sum of the top 3 scores).

•Sycamore Ridge was the only elementary school in the Del Mar and Solana Beach school districts to participate in this competition. Sycamore Ridge was also one of only two elementary schools in a 20-mile radius that participated in the event.

•Sycamore Ridge had 22 students who participated, ranging from 4th grade to 6th grade.

• Worldwide, only 1,039 students who are in the 4th grade and below participated (10 at Sycamore Ridge), as compared to 150,000 total number of students worldwide who took the exam.

•The worldwide median score was 10 correct out of a 25 question difficult exam. The participants are typically 7th and 8th graders. Sycamore Ridge’s average was a 9.2 with nine students scoring above the median.

For the rest of this year, the club will continue by working on fun math topics and preparing for next year’s AMC8.

Moon, who has two children at Sycamore Ridge and is a full-time mathematician, said, “I thought it was important to get a math club program going at Sycamore Ridge, and get children exposed to fun math topics. I wanted to especially influence young girls into loving math and being confident about their abilities in mathematics.”