Ta-da! Here are our Spike and Mike ticket winners

In exchange for two free tickets to the Spike and Mike animation festival coming up at the Museum of Contemporary Art in La Jolla (details on B7), we asked readers to come up with spoofs of Del Mar. Here are our winners — their tickets are on the way!

The quirks of ol’ Del Mar ... by Tena Navarette

Since Del Mar is noted for its surf and turf, dog beach, and older population ...

  • Idea 1
... I see a young kid go into the water to surf all day and night, and come out an old man only to step into some dog doo. He is confronted by a saliva-drooling dog whose owner says, “He won’t bite,” as the surfer is getting mauled. Then the owner states, “Sorry, he has never done that before.”

  • Idea 2
.... A guy parks his car, pays the meter, then waits to cross the street at 15th and Camino del Mar to go surfing. While he waits for the light to change, he slowly becomes an older man. (Seriously, it seems to take forever to cross at that intersection.)

Once in the waves, dogs swimming and bobbing for their tennis balls in the water surround him; but it looks like sharks circling him and his board. He is trying to surf and dodge tennis balls hurling through the air. Cut to a scene of women driving around the neighborhood in the morning and early evening to watch the surfers change from their wet suits into their clothes, hoping for a towel to drop ... OOPS!

  • Idea 3
... Surf meets turf. Have horse races in the water. The jockeys would be in wet suits, and the horses would have fins. Everyone would be watching from The Poseidon, Jake’s and the beach. The women would be wearing their huge Opening Day hats and their tiny bathing suits — with plenty of flesh popping out. There would be a cougar contest on the beach with the older women and younger guys, and then the usual old geezer with the tall, slender young woman.

Note: I have always enjoyed the Spike and Mike shows. I’ve missed them and am glad to see them back. Thanks for making me sane with your insane creativity, Spike and Mike!

They’re off and running ... by Latara Dragoo

Here’s my idea for a Del Mar short feature for Spike and Mike’s Festival of Animation:

A man is walking his leashed dog around on Dog Beach. But the dog sees a squirrel and starts chasing it under the bridge, dragging its owner with it.

The dog continues chasing the squirrel into the back entrance of the Del Mar racetrack, where there is a horse race going on.

The squirrel runs past the horses with the dog and its owner chasing close behind. The dog ends up passing all the horse racers and ends up winning the race.

The last scene is where the bedraggled and dazed owner is being handed a first-place award, barely realizing what’s going on!