Team Sterling Diva featured in publication

Team Sterling Diva, a jewelry company based in Del Mar, has been featured in the March issue of Empowering Women.

Aimee Christ, a Del Mar mom, started the company in order to stay at home with her newborn son in 2005. After being introduced to a Silpada Designs jewelry catalog, Christ began explore the idea of being an independent sales representative.

She built up her business exclusively through home parties.

Currently, Sterling Diva boasts more than 230 active representatives, all of whom make money through at-home parties.

Despite the economic downturn, Sterling Diva has experienced an increase in sales.

“Typically, women won’t go out shopping for jewelry for themselves in a bad economy, but they will go over to a friend’s house, have a glass of wine and treat themselves to a new pair of earrings,” Christ said.

This year, Team Sterling Diva grossed over $1 million in sales, and anticipates to gross $2 million in sales by the end of the year.

More information about Team Sterling Diva can be found at

or by calling (858) 523-0360.