Carmel Valley teenage author publishes her second fantasy book ‘The Rain of Blood’

Carmel Valley’s Sahana Kumar has just released her second book in the “Champions of Zairon” fantasy fiction series. The 14-year-old author is a busy freshman at Francis Parker School.

The book is available for purchase on and download on iTunes, Nook and Kindle.

Book two, “The Rain of Blood,” brings back the trio of teenage protagonists Claire, Jason and Zac from book one, “Cave of Mystic Dreams,” which Sahana wrote when she was 12.

In “Rain of Blood,” the teenagers set off on a challenge to retrieve an artifact and are again drawn back into their “mystical reality” encountering all kinds of adventures and magical creatures along the way.

“The creatures are one of my favorite parts of writing — making up all these weird, fantastical things,” Sahana said.

In her writing, Sahana drew on lots of Celtic and Hindu mythology, such as her monstrous take on kelpie, a shape-shifting water horse.

Friends and schoolmates who had read the first book were anxious for the second installment. Sahana said some of the younger Francis Parker students would wait outside her classroom and ask her “Is it out yet? Is the book out yet?”

“The writing process went a lot faster because I didn’t have to spend a lot of time creating the characters,” Sahana said.

She did do a lot of research on mythological creatures, and the editing process with publisher Telemachus Press took a little over a year while her first book took about six months.

The longer editing process Sahana attributes to now being a high schooler and her extensive list of after-school activities. Sahana participates in Science Olympiad, History Games, Math Olympics, the speech and debate and robotics teams, takes voice and violin lessons, plays in the orchestra and is on the sailing team.

“My friends call me crazy but I do all this stuff because I really enjoy all of it,” Sahana said.

Like the first book, the proceeds from this next book will be going to charity. For “Rain of Blood,” Sahana picked the non-profit CRY (Child’s Rights and You) as the beneficiary. CRY seeks to help underprivileged children in India reach their full potential, ensuring they have access to education, healthcare and reduce the rates of child malnutrition and child labor.

It’s important to Sahana to use her gift to give back to others, especially in providing an education.

“If I didn’t have an education, I wouldn’t be able to write,” Sahana said.

Sahana is already working on the third book in the trilogy and also writes fan fiction. Once the trilogy is complete she said she hopes she will be lucky to have more books published as well. For Sahana, writing remains just a hobby — her ultimate goal is to become a doctor.

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