Temporary Del Mar resident gives back to the community

Brazilian native and temporary Del Mar resident Renato Cordani (center with his son Rafael) recently donated a buoy to the city of Del Mar. Courtesy photo

By Kristina Houck

A native of Brazil, Renato Cordani temporarily calls Del Mar “home.” Cordani and his family are living in the coastal community while the 43-year-old geophysicist is on sabbatical.

“It is great to feel surrounded by nature but with the comforts of the modern life,” said Cordani in an email interview. He noted that he and his family “fell in love” with Del Mar’s Beach Colony.

“The sense of community here is very strong. We see people participating in everything around here.”

Born in São Paulo, Cordani moved to Del Mar with his wife and two children in July. Although the family is leaving in June, they have made an impact on the community during their short stay.

Cordani often swims past the buoys at the beach with his 9-year-old son, Rafael, to calculate their distance. When the pair noticed one of the buoys missing in February, Cordani offered to help replace the floating device.

“In Brazil, sometimes the communities organize themselves to do something, but that is rare. In general, we tend to wait for the politics/authorities to solve the problems, as if they were not our problems,” Cordani said. “Here in California, it seems that people get organized to do all sorts of things. Every problem is taken by the community to solve.

“I found it very inspiring, and wanted to have a chance to help and have my son participate in that. That was our chance to do it.”

Cordani and his son donated a buoy to the city on Feb. 13.

A new member of the Del Mar BodySurfing Club, Cordani’s fellow members have renamed the quarter-mile buoy at 17th Street “Renato’s Buoy,” or simply, “Renato’s.”

“The Del Mar BodySurfing Club is proud to know Renato Cordani,” said Vince Askey, a Del Mar resident and member of the club. “He’s a very interesting guy. It wasn’t until the next week or so after we met that I learned about his donation to the city of Del Mar. It’s very inspiring.”