Thank you for reducing your water usage



Councilwoman, 1st District

Thank you to everyone in the city of San Diego for your commitment to reducing water consumption. Water usage in June 2009 was down 19 percent citywide compared to last year. We are working to find innovative, long-term solutions to reduce our water use and increase our supply. On July 27, I issued a memo proposing some ideas, including suggestions from our District One constituents. The memo is posted on our Web site,

  1. Please continue to let us know your ideas for water conservation and supply.

The City Council is finalizing revisions to the safety regulations for city skate parks, including Carmel Valley. This will include a new requirement that all skaters ages 11 and younger be accompanied by an adult. In addition, bicycles, scooters and motorized vehicles will not be allowed, and it will be prohibited to bring ramps and other equipment into the parks. These important measures will help keep our kids safe while enjoying the skate parks.
We’re continuing to work with the community on issues important to our neighborhoods. After learning that a car fire caused potholes and street damage to Terraza Mar Marvelosa in southern Carmel Valley, our office was able to get the street repaired within the same week. Similarly, upon hearing that a light pole in Del Mar Mesa was damaged by a car, our office worked to get the pole repaired quickly. We appreciate our constituents taking the time to notify us when issues do arise so that we can work together to get these problems resolved.

We know that building the Gonzales Canyon Community Park is a priority for many of you. I have requested a meeting with the mayor and the area’s developer, Pardee Homes, to discuss getting this required park built.

We look forward to hearing from you! Please contact our office at (619) 236-6611 or