Thanks to all who saved Del Mar families $200 million

Proposition CC has been blocked, saving Del Mar residents $200 million in taxes. The taxes would have hit home owners and renters in the form of higher rents in a region that already has lofty rents. CC’s failure means every Del Mar family will get more of their own money to spend on products or services they deem a priority in their lives.

Because of campaign finance laws, we now know that more than $32,000 in campaign contributions from developers, bankers, and consultants were spent pushing for higher taxes on Del Mar residents. Millions of dollars from those taxes would have flowed directly to the same corporate interests.

Ninety-seven percent of all donations pushing higher taxes in Del Mar were from outsiders. The proposition lacked community support because those in the community know that Del Mar schools are modern with no significant defects — just as the facilities report of two years concluded. The measure lacked financial support from the community.

Spending money to pretty up schools does not make the knowledge imparted in those institutions any more valuable to students. Its true the budget will feel pressure but not because there have been cuts as is often portrayed. The Del Mar school budget has risen for nine of the last 10 years. More than $223,000 is now spent per classroom.

Ever escalating salaries and benefits are driving costs ever upward as all other items get squeezed from the budget. Fiscal responsibility is now required and a school board that takes meaningful action to manage the budget efficiently.

Michael Robertson