Thanksgiving: Del Mar Heights and Hills

Students in Cristin Ebright’s class at Del Mar Hills. Photo/Karen Billing

Editor’s Note: We asked first graders at Del Mar Hills Academy and Del Mar Heights School how to make a Thanksgiving turkey dinner and what they are thankful for. Below are their responses.

Cristin Ebright’s class at Del Mar Hills

You heat up the turkey in the oven for eight minutes and put mashed potatoes on it. I have a sugar-free Jolly Rancher for dessert. Just one.

  • Bryce.

My mom puts it in the oven for 45 minutes. She puts a little bit of turkey sauce on it.

I have mashed potatoes and I have turkey but I also make some hamburgers because my dad likes them. Sometimes we get Easter because I read a book that it doesn’t matter what food you eat.


When you’re camping and all you have is tinfoil and a knife and then some fire, throw the knife and tackle the turkey. I’d like to take this big piece of foil and wrap it in there. You put it on the fire and you cook it for a minute or so. Unwrap it and cut it and put seasonings on it and then eat it. If you’re out in the woods you don’t eat it with a lot of things.


Mostly my parents buy the turkey and then put it in the oven for an hour or two. It’s really hot and you put on sauce.


My dad usually starts the stove and he puts this little thing in there where you can see how much it’s hot. I just eat it plain. I have ice cream for dessert.


We go to my cousin’s house and my aunt makes the turkey and I don’t know how she makes it because I’m usually playing with my sister and cousins. I think she buys a turkey and puts it in the oven. Sometimes we eat some fruit with it.


You buy the turkey at the store and then you cook it in your oven at 120 degrees. Put some sauce on it, this sauce you put on meat. You sprinkle it. I have lava cake for dessert.


Get the turkey in the fields, you capture it. My dad cooks it in the oven for 10 minutes. Eat it with rice and strawberries.


I don’t like eating turkey because I’m a vegetarian. I usually have tofu. We have mashed potatoes, roast beef, green beans, cranberries, and sometimes applesauce because it’s nice to have warm applesauce for Thanksgiving. Also apple cider.


Cook it in the stove and then you get to eat it with other stuff for Thanksgiving. I do like the turkey skin. That’s the part I do like.


You take a turkey and you cook it in the oven and eat it with sauce.


Get a turkey in the forest, then you kill it and cook it up in the stove and eat it with mashed potatoes and beans.


Get a turkey from a grocery store, somewhere already made because my mom brought it home already made. Eat it with mashed potatoes and cranberries. Usually I have pumpkin pie or something.


My mom goes to cooking class and she’s in cooking class to learn how to work in a restaurant. She cooks it on the stove for 20 or 10 minutes. Last time I didn’t eat turkey though, I ate baby food.


You just cut the turkey and you bake it only an hour or two. You just put some starter water on it, that’s what I use. You eat it with mashed potatoes and some peas and corns and some bread and some cornbread and some banana bread and some butter.


Well I never had one before. My mom does not make Thanksgiving dinner, we just have normal dinners. I always don’t have the turkey, I have a real meal like carrots, fruits, vegetables, real food not like turkey.


You get a turkey from the forest. You put it in the oven for 23 minutes at hot temperature.


Students in Cristin Strain’s first grade class at Del Mar Heights. Photo/Karen Billing

Cristin Strain’s first grade class at Del Mar Heights

First you cook it and then you put barbecue sauce on it if you want to. You eat it with brownies.


You put it in the oven something around like 15 minutes. You eat it with macaroni and cheese.


You put it in the oven, start the oven and then when it’s ready take it out and chop it up with a knife.


Cook it in the oven and eat turkey with mashed potatoes and I think bread.


Cook it in a pan I think with a spoon and a fork. Eat it with chicken.


You get a turkey, you cook it and then you eat it with potatoes.


Well the first way is to kill the turkey and eat it. The second way you can make a turkey is first buy the meat at the store and second put it in the oven for seven minutes.


I don’t know how. I think you put it in the microwave. We eat it with pie.


Somebody finds a turkey and they shoot it and they take all the feathers out. Then they cook it and take out the beak and leave the bones in. There’s some bones and little bit of wings. You take the bones out and eat the turkey.


Usually my mom makes it. We eat it with food on it.


You find a living turkey and then you shoot it. Then you put butter on it and put it in the oven and then you can eat it.


Cristin Strain’s class— What are you thankful for?

I’m thankful for my dog because he actually helps me go to sleep because he’s so big and fluffy. He’s very cozy.


I’m thankful for the school because people be nice to us.


I’m thankful for my dog because I hope she doesn’t die.


I’m thankful for my brother and my mom and my dad because they’re nice to me and they usually give me a lot of stuff.


I’m thankful for my kitty because I love him.


I’m thankful for my family because my family protects me.


I’m thankful for my cat because he’s really funny. He jumps on my dad’s car.


I’m thankful for my family because I’ll be really sad if they’re gone.


I’m thankful for bats because they eat 600 mosquitos in one hour.


I’m thankful for my family because they keep me safe.


I’m thankful for everything because I am.


— Compiled by Karen Billing