The bell has already rung

In his recent letter, Richard Moore refers to those who agree with the City Council’s Fletcher Cove Community Center (FCCC) restrictions as “NIMBY’s”. The adjacent neighbors are not arguing that the FCCC, or its potential nuisance, be located in someone else’s back yard, the usual connotation of the phrase. I get the impression that Mr. Moore is using the phrase for its pejorative effect rather than its logical accuracy.

Mr. Moore suggests using existing ordinances to control noise and alcohol. These can be used to fine people, or shut down a party, but they are after the fact: the bell has already rung. When it is practical to prevent a violation from occurring in the first place, as in the use of certified on-site personnel, this is the preferred approach.

Mr. Moore suggests that the FCCC was there before the current neighbors, so they have no cause to complain. He uses airports as an analogy. Times change. The large adjacent parking lot in the cove is no longer there. The new FCCC has an appeal that did not previously exist. Much has changed. As for our airport, it has been there since 1925. New noise regulations were established in 1989 and 1999.

Bill Howden,

Solana Beach