The ‘Common Sense’ Initiative for Solana Beach

The City Council is using scare tactics to unreasonably restrict your use of the Fletcher Cove Community Center. The City Council’s own commissioned study clearly stated “No adverse impacts to the city if the initiative is adopted.”

The initiative allows Solana Beach citizens to enjoy Fletcher Cove Community Center without unfair rules. It does not change city codes and regulations.

The initiative allows up to two special events per weekend, it does not require them.

The initiative occupancy limits are consistent with the Municipal Code. It does not require maximum occupancy.

The initiative allows beer and wine to be served consistent with the existing Alcohol Beverage Control Commission rules. It does not allow unlimited alcohol.

The initiative requires noise levels to be governed by the City Municipal Code requirements.

All of these are reasonable and fair. If these limits are exceeded, revocation of the special events permit, immediate suspension and other mitigating actions are authorized for the city to enforce.

Support the “Common Sense” initiative: Proposition B. Don’t be swayed by the opponents who repeat the hearsay of too many parties, too much noise, unlimited alcohol and too little parking. This is a public building on publicly-owned property, next to a public beach overlooking the ocean that has been here for more than 70 years.

The Community Center is a unique asset to a wonderful community and should continue to be enjoyed without new overly restrictive rules and regulations. Protect your right to use and enjoy your community center. Protect your right to use and enjoy your community center. Vote “yes” on Proposition B.

Marion Dodson,

Former Council Member and Mayor of Solana Beach