The ends do not justify the means

By Don and Peggy Shelton

Residents, Del Mar

Going back to 2002, had the city developed a viable plan with residents’ approval of equitable funding, undergrounding in Del Mar could have been a done deal. The city did not do that and we now have the travesty of the inequitable and too expensive assessment method.

We are incensed at the city being able to mandate how we spend $30,000 of our retirement savings. Yes, we mean incensed.

Many senior citizens in the Sunset District have expressed the same resentment about forced spending of their hard-earned retirement savings.

Our posted assessment of $21,728.80 plus hook up for $30,000 in round numbers will have to come out of our retired savings.

We get no view benefits from the $30,000.

Our out-of-pocket medical expenses exceed $8,000 per year (and going up) that also comes out of our retired savings. $30,000 would pay for more than three years of our out-of-pocket medical expenses. There are other senior citizens in the Sunset District in the same boat.

Residents that can’t pay up front face interest payments of more than 6 percent (the bonds way) or perhaps 3 percent (up to $20,000) if they can qualify for the newly and conveniently established Community Support Fund and if there are sufficient funds there.

In either case, those who can least afford an assessment end up paying the most.

The federal and California governments are broke, which means that an economic tsunami of higher income taxes, higher medical expenses and higher general expenses is coming our way.

Projects such as the Shores Property and even a new City Hall (if done properly) are more worthy of community support.

This project is an ill-afforded luxury. Nice to have, but unnecessary and way out of place — a prime example of “the ends not justifying the means.”

This project has had too many hiccups, too many delays, has grown to be far too expensive and will cause too much hardship for too many Sunset District senior citizen residents.