The fairgrounds is park-like, not music arena

Regarding the issue of tobacco and marijuana smoking at the Del Mar Racetrack concerts, I agree with the concerns brought forward by members of public. The Del Mar Fairgrounds is public property, and we should view it as such when determining the types of concert bands that should play there. Different bands attract and create different behavior. I see the Del Mar Fairgrounds akin to a park, but unfortunately that gets lost at times.

The fairgrounds has an appropriate no-smoking policy and that includes the racetrack’s concerts after the races are over. I’ve experienced many racetrack concerts where a blatant disregard for the no-smoking policy occurs, including marijuana smoking, which has many more carcinogens than even tobacco and is illegal.

The fairgrounds no smoking policies must be enforced to protect the public. And the board of directors and staff at the fairgrounds are in the best position to solve this problem. The fairgrounds is not The Casbah or Belly Up Tavern, it’s owned by the public so when we go to “smoke-free” concerts there it really needs to be just that. Currently this is not the case. Let’s make the needed changes to truly have smoke-free concerts — who wouldn’t want cleaner, healthier, safer air and venue?

Jon Sullivan