The future of Solana Beach ...

By Ramona Maiman

Solana Beach

I wanted to address a few things I’ve heard recently regarding Solana Beach, and about the candidates running for City Council.

I’ve heard that some residents on the east side of the freeway in Solana Beach are upset that the west side is getting preferential treatment for businesses and development.

I’ve been a resident of North County for over 40 years, living on both sides of the freeway. I currently live on the west side of the freeway, which means more fog, traffic, tourists, the racing crowd, county Fair traffic, and a whole lot more bicyclists (or any combination above).

So, you east-siders, try to consider this when being concerned about the west side of Solana Beach getting preferential treatment. It’s the nature of the beast that being closer to Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) and to the beach will probably necessitate a lot of businesses. The west side doesn’t have the laid back, rural feel of the east side though. Actually, everywhere in North County is pretty laid back.

I’d also like to comment on the candidates running for Solana Beach City Council. I’ve been receiving some pretty slick, expensive looking mailers, saying Solana Beach is going to ‘fiscal hell’ in a hand-basket. The fact that these mailers look and sound so unlike the usual home-grown election material has caused me to wonder, “who are these mailers from?” Apparently they’re from Dan Powell, Paul Frankel, and Vickie Driver. And you’d be hard pressed to know what these candidates stand for, since all three of them failed to appear at a recent voter’s candidate forum put on by the League of Women Voters. Wow, they didn’t even show up! I thought that was something only entrenched incumbents did.

Solana Beach is getting a reputation, not only as a great place to live, but also as a city taking the lead in environmental issues — like non-smoking, and reducing plastic bag use. If you like the direction Solana Beach is going, you need to carefully consider what each of the council candidates stand for, and what they envision for the city’s future. Very importantly, try to discern whether a candidate’s platform benefits the city or themselves.