The Indian Fine Arts of San Diego to present 7th annual Music and Dance Festival

The Indian Fine Arts of San Diego ( is celebrating its 7th annual Music and Dance Festival from April 8 to April 13, at the Jewish Community Center in La Jolla. This organization is dedicated to the propagation of classical Indian music & dance in Southern California.

This year, the festival has a fantastic line-up of world-renowned vocal and instrumental artists of both the Hindustani and the Carnatic traditions of Indian music from India and around the world.

The IFAASD is also presenting numerous dance ballets during the festival that are going to be marvelous treats for both the eyes and ears.

Throughout the festival you will have the opportunity to taste a wide range of Indian vegetarian cuisine from the South to the North and everywhere in between. The festival is certainly a must attend event for all, as it promises to delight the eyes, the ears, and the stomach.

Please visit the Indian Fine Arts web site at for additional information and to purchase tickets.