The One Paseo Housing Project


As an 18-year-resident of Carmel Valley, I want to express my concern about Kilroy’s plan to build 608 residential units as part of the One Paseo mixed-use plan. Although two other plans have been submitted, I have no doubt that Kilroy wants the Reduced Main Street option to be adopted.

I want to put the number 608 into perspective. I have found 30 condo and apartment developments in Carmel Valley, north of the 56. The average number of units in these developments is 185. The majority of the developments have between 100 and 199 units. There are six with between 200 and 262 units and one has 316 units. The largest is The Club with 400 units — on 20 acres. One Paseo would be 50 percent larger on only 3 more acres, plus the rest of the development.

When Kilroy says “Main Street” and “Heart of Carmel Valley,” what they really mean is that they want to build the largest housing project in Carmel Valley on land currently designated as employment opportunities. This isn’t Smart Growth. It’s over-development and greed.

Susan Nelson

Carmel Valley